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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Miles!

September 1st, 2011.
Two years ago today I experienced intense fear, love and joy. Two years ago today I was given news that changed my life forever. Two years ago today I was blessed with the most amazing baby boy I could have ever dreamed of. Two years ago today Miles was born.

When I think back at that day, it feels like it was yesterday. I can picture so many details of the operating room where I went in for my c-section: the bright lights, the instruments and cables, the distance from the operating table to where Miles was placed in a warmer. I can remember my anxiety and excitement at the thought of being mere minutes away from meeting my son. And I will never forget the pediatric nurse who came into the recovery room to tell us our son might have Down syndrome. I will never forget my reaction or Zach's face when she told us. It really feels like it was just yesterday.

At the same time, I can feel the two years that have passed since that day. When I look at photos from then, I see how much we've changed. Having Miles and being a mother has made me grow. I work on my patience every day. I am more forgiving, empathetic, compassionate, loving and wise. I am more fierce, courageous and strong. I live in the present moment as much as possible. All these qualities were already in me, Miles and motherhood have made them really come out.

Two years ago I didn't know if I'd ever feel happiness again. Two years ago I was plagued with fear, anxiety and depression. Two years ago today I found out who I truly am.

Today I feel happiness and love so intensely I never knew it was possible. Today my fears and anxieties are followed by courage, laughter and reassurance. Today, I wouldn't want to know a world without Miles. I am blessed to have him as a son and to have Zach as a husband. I love my life with all it's craziness and uncertainties. I love that I get to share it with these two amazing men and soon enough, with a little lady!

Happy 2nd Birthday to my sweet, beautiful, funny and very special son, Miles!

You want to see what Miles has been up to? Check out this little video.....

Or click on this link if the quicktime is too slow for your computer: http://vimeo.com/28432823


  1. What a beautiful post and video. Happy Birthday to your sunbeam Miles! I hope I get to meet him someday:).

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Brought a big smile to my face. Here's to a wonderful year for Miles. Loreni you have an incredibly wonderful journey ahead. Miles is certainly a blessing.

    My nephew Robert was born with Down syndrome. He is 33 years old or should I say young! Robert is the founder of charity IDEAL WAY in support of persons like Miles. He is an international motivational speaker and is the voice for those who cannot speak. Think you will enjoy seeing and hearing Robert.