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About Us

Hi there!  My name is Loreni and I'm a wife, mother and an actress. I am originally from Panama and I moved to my Miami with my family when I was ten.  I also lived in NY for ten years before moving to LA, where I currently live with my little family.

As a kid, I never pictured myself married with children.  But here I am happily married, with a wonderful child and a nice career to boot.  I ain't rich and I ain't famous, but I'm happy and when I'm not, I try to figure it out.  Because at the end of the day, I think that's my true goal in life: to be happy.  I don't care so much where I end up or how I get there, as long as I am happy and had a good time getting there.  Of course, it's easier said than done.  So this blog has a lot to do with my struggles, fears and anxieties and well as my joys, dreams and accomplishments.

Miles was born on September 2009.  He surprised us all by having Down syndrome.  At the time I felt like I had fallen into a black hole, some other dimension that I'd never be able to flee from. I saw my life falling apart and I thought I'd never feel happiness again.  But I was so wrong.  Miles has continued to surprise me on a daily basis with his kindness, gentleness, his strength and perseverance, his sense of humor and his smile. 

He is a curious little dude who loves searching people's faces and exploring his surroundings.   He can be real quiet and shy, especially around new people.  But once he's feeling confident, he'll babble and yell in happiness and excitement.  He is a natural born jazz improvisational musician: the piano is his instrument of choice.  He also loves swimming and playing with friends all day long!

I had many expectations for my son before I met him, most of which were shattered when me met.  These days, my expectations are cautiously building back up as I see what my son is capable of.  He constantly challenges my thoughts and views about life and reminds me every day of all that I have to be grateful for.  He reminds me to laugh more, appreciate more and love more.  

Miles is my Biggest Joy, so that's kinda why I'm sharing him with you.  He might be able to bring a little bit of joy into your lives too.