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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Little Big Boy

The last two weeks were incredibly intense leading up to Miles's IEP, his 3rd birthday and the end of all his Early Intervention therapies.  I was an emotional mess, full of fears, anxieties, and sadness.  Sadness over saying goodbye to his early intervention team, fear about the unknown, anxiety over the IEP.  As always, I drive myself nuts for no reason.  The IEP turned out very well.  The meeting itself was incredibly long and mostly boring, but I was happily surprised to hear that Miles's assessments were very accurate and all the goals and recommendations that were made were exactly what Zach and I wanted.  The psychologist's assessment of Miles was so spot on and positive that it was another reminder not to judge a book by its cover.  At the evaluation, she seemed like such a mean, cold person who had never worked with children.  She had a million questions and barely engaged with Miles so I was sure her assessment would be negative.  I was so wrong.  She also visited him at his school and gave glowing reviews of the school and his progress there.  I think that if she could, she would just straight up recommend to keep him there.  It was obvious that all the LAUSD therapists who evaluated him believe Miles is in the right school environment, but since they work for LAUSD and they have to recommend an LAUSD  program, they couldn't actually tell us to keep him at his school.  At least, not on the record!

Miles collecting water at the beach on his birthday.
So what I learned or really saw first hand at this meeting, is that it is all about money.  Bottom line.  All we have to prove is that paying for our son to go to United Children's will be cheaper for LAUSD than us asking for a one on one aide at the public preschool.  And if we have the money for a lawyer to do all the paperwork and phone calling, then even better.  Yep, it's about the money.  I mean, I knew it, but it was so obvious at the meeting.  Everyone present knew that we weren't signing anything and that we were going to move forward and that we are doing the best thing for our child.  But everyone present had to cover their asses from their bosses so they had to pretend to convince us to stay within LAUSD.  Everyone played their little part in the game and when the meeting was adjourned and we were off the record, they all wished us luck and said that we were doing the best for our child.  Yeah...that's how it went.  Crazy.....

Once the meeting was over on Thursday, I felt a huge weight lifted.  Miles had his last occupational therapy session on Friday and both the OT and I cried bittersweet tears. I realized that I'm the one that's had a real tough time with Miles's transition to preschool.  Sure, Miles is in a new environment, but he seems so happy there that it's as if he's been there forever.  But for me, it was hard to let go of my connection and need for his therapists, their support and even their friendship.  Miles turning 3 signifies a huge shift.  He's not a baby anymore, he's a big boy, a toddler.  My baby's growing!!  And on Saturday we celebrated his birthday doing all his favorite things:  playing at the beach, a long nap, dinner at Vegan Glory, his favorite restaurant, and finishing the night with his favorite movie, Toy Story.  We sang Happy Birthday three times on Saturday and each time Miles blew his candles and clapped with such joy and excitement.  This was the first year Miles could actually blow his candles and I think he understood full well that it was his birthday.  Amazing.  Love!

Miles & his speech therapist naming animals.

Miles & his physical therapist playing around.

Miles & his occupational therapist having fun!


  1. Awe! Our babies are growing up momma! I am, by far, doing the worst with this preschool transition. Gabriella is nothing but smiles every time we bring her and pick her up. She just loves it! So I totally hear ya there. It's great that you guys are keeping Miles where you know he will grow and learn and be given the best environment. Advocating for our little ones can be exhausting, but in the end it is always so worth it! Way to go momma!! Miss you guys!

  2. I so enjoy your blog posts, and can't wait to meet Miles and the rest of you someday!


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