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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dropped off at Day Care

I dropped Miles off at day care this morning and I've had butterflies in my stomach all day. He's fine, right? He liked it there. The other kids were happy. And they will be nice to him...I hope. I never thought it would be so difficult! I keep picturing the way he looked when I walked out of the day care this morning: he was very content sitting on the floor playing with a little piano. He smiled at me. Did he start crying ten minutes later when he realized I was gone? Will they know how to soothe him? Will they have the patience to spoon feed him his home made food? Will they get him to drink out of the bottle, something he's been fussy with lately? Will they give him his 3 naps? I have to believe they will. They're experience in childcare, that's their job, that's why I chose them. Deep breath....let it out. Another deep breath......he's fine. God I love him so much!

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