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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Video- Miles Plays the Piano

And here he is playing a Wurlitzer piano while papa accompanies with the guitar.


  1. Since the day Zach installed the music-go-round in his crib, he was totally in awe to Bach´s music, and he was less than a month. Wow...it would be great if he follows his namesake´s footsteps. Love my Bam Bam, Abue.

  2. Clearly he is musically gifted, you can even see him moving his head to the beat! How could he not be an artist with you and Zach as parents!!! I just want to kiss him!!! XO

  3. I'm so glad to have met (held, cuddled,kissed & smelled)
    Miles last night. He's heavenly. I hope the 3 of
    you will make good on your promise to come to Topanga to hike.
    Wendy (Cheryl & Evan's friend)

  4. truly amazing little guy! i can see why you LOVE him to bits!
    thanks for sharing your remarkable journey!!!