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Friday, June 4, 2010

9 Months Old

Miles turned 9 months old on June 1st! My little baby is looking more and more like a big boy...I can't believe it! No...he is not crawling yet! Trust me, you will know when he is crawling because it will be HUGE cause for celebration, so stop asking me if he's crawling!

I'll tell you what he is doing.
He's shaking his head "no". He doesn't know what it means, he just discovered that his head can move from side to side and he looks adorable doing it.
He has also recently discovered that his fingers can move independently of his hands. Pretty cool. Stares at them move for minutes on end.
He is rolling all over the place. We'll lay him in the middle of the carpet on his tummy and seconds later he is 3 feet away on the wood floor, laughing and playing with his toes.
He has waved "bye bye" about 3 times that I noticed. I almost fell backwards!
He can hold his bottle on his own, he just doesn't want to. He's "fresco" as we say in Spanish, meaning he's being lazy and totally aware that someone else will hold the bottle for him. Smart little dude!!
He does like playing with his spoons and try feeding himself. And one out of 3 times he actually gets it in his mouth!
He splashes around in the pool. He thinks it's the funnest thing ever.
And he laughs. He LOVES to laugh and smile and check people out....but that's been him since the beginning. He smiles with his eyes as much as with his mouth...and he looks like Heaven!

Happy 9 Month Birthday my Little Big Boy!!

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