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Monday, December 20, 2010

Miles Gets His First Haircut

That's right, Mr. Miles got his first professional haircut about a week ago. He finally looks like a boy!! Well, I always thought he looked like a boy, but 1 out of 4 people thought he was a girl. Yes, his hair was long and he has such a cute little face that it's easy to confuse him for a girl. It was happening so much, that I actually put a little hair clip in his hair one time to see if he really looked like a girl...and he did. He looked like the cutest little girl ever.
But he's a boy and I was getting tired of the, "Oh, she's so cute! What's her name?"
"His name is Miles. Yeah, I know. His hair is long."

Still, that's not really why we got his hair cut. Miles got a professional haircut because two months ago, Zach and I cut his hair at home and we did a terrible job. It was been growing back so messy that he started looking like Nick Nolte from the back. Not a good look for a 1 year old.

We found a kid's hair salon in Santa Monica. I was not sure how this woman was going to get Miles to sit still long enough to cut his hair without cutting his face! But she did it, in under five minutes. It was impressive! She sat him in a booster chair and went to work. She first sprayed his locks with water and he hated it! He started crying, I think out of shock more than anything. But after a few seconds, with a little toy in hand, he calmed down and she started snipping! She cut and shaped his hair while he played with his toy, until the very end when her comb scraped his forehead a little bit and once more he cried for a few seconds.

Miles is such a good boy that even when he's hurt or scared, he doesn't cry too long. He gets over it quickly and moves on to the next moment. Talk about living in the present!

In the end, he got to ride in a cool little car and take home a balloon. Not so bad for his first pro haircut! And now, my little dude really looks like a dude.

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