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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Adapt and Deal

A good day

 Sick children.  Sleepless nights.  Crying.  Food on the floor.  Tantrums.  More crying.  Poop everywhere.  Whining.  More crying.  And did I mention very little sleep?  It's enough to drive me mad.  And it has!!  I try so hard to keep it together but sometimes I just lose my cool.  This morning was one of those times.

Ella was up at midnight, 2:30am and 6am.  Miles was up at midnight crying....never a good sign.  He woke up this morning a boogery mess.  That means no daycare today.  There goes my "day off".  I really needed a day off.  So my conversation with Zach this morning went something like this:

Zach:  "I'm sorry, I know you're really tired."
Me:  "It's not the tired thing that has me in a bad mood, it's the kid thing.  I'm done with these kids!!"
Zach:  "O-kay..."

Of course I'm not done done with my kids....but I am a little done.  Isn't everybody with kids a little done sometimes?  They are the cutest, most loveable people in our lives, but they are also a the hardest to deal with.   I keep hoping that once we can communicate with Miles things will get easier.  Or that once Ella is a bit bigger, sleeping through the night and interacting with Miles, things will get easier.   But I'm slowly realizing that we are already communicating quite a bit with Miles....he's just choosing not to pay attention to us.  Apparently he's "the best kid" at his daycare and "always pays attention" at preschool, but not so at home!  Yep, it drives me crazy.  And once Ella is crawling around I'll have to run after both kids, not just one!  So maybe it doesn't really get any easier, it just changes and you either adapt and deal or you don't.  I'm trying to adapt and deal, I swear I am. 

Some days are good

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