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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Miles Is In!!

This morning I dedicated my yoga practice to Miles....and I cried.  I cried because he works so hard.  He is fearless and truly happy to be alive.  And that's the spirit I want to bring to my practice, to my life.
I cried out of happiness and love.  I cried because he's in my life.  He's my son and I'm so fortunate to go on this journey with him.  So fortunate for the lessons that I've learned and will learn from him. 
Today's lesson is that hard work and practice does pay off, in any area of life.

Since he was born, Miles has worked hard to achieve everything.  The past few months have been particularly difficult, full of changes: new sister, new school, constant change in schedule, lots of testing and he has done a wonderful job of keeping up with it all.  It's been a lot on him physically and emotionally.  At times he has responded by being more needy, throwing tantrums, regressing in some areas (like throwing food on the floor!), but he's also become quite a dancer, he's running and can almost almost jump!  Sometimes he's rough with his sister, but he Loves her and wants to play with her.  He gets carried away with his excitement, his love.  He shares his toys and has been teaching her how to play the drums and the xylophone.  (Yes, it's a cute sight!).   So as difficult as it's been, he is still kicking ass and I'm so proud of him. 

I am particularly proud because this morning I was told that he is officially accepted into the school we want him to attend.  A wonderful school he's been attending and loving during their Summer program.  He made it in!!  He charmed his way and showed his worth and they want him around for good! My sweet little dude, with his Big personality worked hard and made it in.  Now we have to fight for him.  We need to convince LAUSD that that's where he needs to be.  I've already placed a call to a Special Needs Education Lawyer who comes highly recommended. So now we need to kick ass for him.

Here we go, let the games begin!!!


  1. GO MILES! Big hug from me!!! Xoxo

  2. I am very proud of this little guy and his parents that love him so much.

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  4. Love you Loli. Love Miles...cannot believe that I haven't met him...feel like I know him. Thank you for writing. xoxo