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Saturday, May 8, 2010

My First Mother's Day

When I was a kid, I enjoyed making elaborate Mother's Day cards for my mom and jumping in her bed that morning, smothering her with gifts and kisses and breakfast of pancakes and fruits. It was so sweet. But it's been a while since I've celebrated Mother's Day with my mom and I had forgotten what a beautiful celebration it is. Without mothers we wouldn't exist. They literally create us in their wombs and nurture our bodies and souls. My mother hugged and kissed me, she pushed and challenged me, she supported and believed in me. And she still does, even though I'm all grown up!
With my new perspective as a mother, comes a new respect for my own mother, and mothers in general. I am so lucky for my mom and all the wonderful mothers that helped me be the woman and mother that I now am.

Miles gave me my first Mother's Day card with his hand prints on it. It made me think of all the cards I handcrafted for my mother and I nearly cried. I never thought I'd be so sentimental about a "Hallmark Holiday". But it meant the world to me because I get it now. I get it. I'm a mother and I understand the sacrifice is worth it. The love I get from Miles, his smiles of recognition, the sweet hugs and excitement.....they are the best gifts ever. And they make life worth living.


  1. You're a beautiful mother and a wonderful sister. Love you

  2. My dear Lolita...you made me cry.
    Life will bring you many rewards as a mom, you get what being a mom is all about. mamá

  3. Hi Lorene, just back from Israel. We got stuck in Tel Aviv en later in London. Sounds like you are experiencing motherhood to the fullest. I must admit that I forgot it this year. As do doe every year : -((( But Ana and Ilona did not forget and Jan got text messages.
    I have not yet heard of a grandparents day. Have You?

    Ahw, what the hell, we have every day grandparents day : -)))