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Friday, May 14, 2010

Okay, so I've had absolutely no desire to blog in the last week but I'm gonna make myself do it, because I've got some time right now and need to keep it up.

Miles is doing great! He started Physical Therapy (PT) this week. So now he has PT, Occupational Therapy (OT) and Infant Stimulation (IS) on a weekly basis. He's working so hard in his classes, they stretch him and play with him and challenge him and though he complains, he pushes through. I feel so proud of him. But I also feel sad for him. I feel sad that he has to work so hard to do things that come naturally to other children. Like transferring an object from one hand to another. How many of you even noticed when your kids started doing that? It probably just happened one day and it became part of the norm. We have been working with Miles for weeks so that he can transfer a toy from his left hand to his right. And every time he does it, it's a big deal.

See, he's gonna do everything other children do, just at his own pace....a somewhat slower pace. It can be frustrating and sad and nerve wracking at times, but it is also so wonderful to watch! I get to watch his learning process in slow motion, actually see him make the connections in his brain it seems. So when parents say, "they grow up so fast!", I can agree to a certain extent. Because once Miles finally accomplishes a task and really gets it, I feel ready to see him move on to another.

Right now we are working on getting him to understand that the lower and upper parts of his body can move independently of each other. In his therapies, he is doing a lot of twisting and bending and alignment work. He's basically doing baby yoga! It's pretty awesome to watch! And he responds to it very well. Yes! I look forward to teaching him yoga when he's older.

For me, one thing that has been amazing to realize is how so many of the things I have done in my life, mentors I've had and interests that I've developed, have been preparing me to deal with having a child with Special Needs. I guess it really was in the cards, because I feel like so much of my life up to this point, has been preparing for this. Little by little, it's all starting to make sense and I am excited and scared to see what the future still has in store for me!


  1. Oh Loreni, I enjoy your blogs so very much. Thank you for sharing your wonderful life, in its small but incredibly brilliant details.

    I feel inspired, moved, and encouraged by the lives you are leading...with tenacity, joy, patience, and a dash of frustration and fear thrown in for good measure.

    Growth and learning and rebalancing come in slow, gradual increments and that's when it's best appreciated and the body, mind & spirit can realign itself with more ease.

    Nothing ever needs to be rushed.

    Again, thanks for sharing because it really makes me happy to read!

  2. Lolita linda; Please don't feel sorry for Miles. I know it's hard to see him work harder to accomplish the same things other children do faster, but in the long run this struggling will build in him of a stronger character, a more tenacious individual later in life. He will know that everything is possible for him no matter what. People that are born with talents sometimes take them for granted and never make anything out of themselves, it's the hard workers the ones that accomplish more in life. And I am sure that this will help him develop his special talent. We have to see it positively, he is a very strong willed boy. Hurrah for Miles!!! La Abue

  3. Hi Loreni. Enjoyed reading it. As I was reading I realized that I am learning things thru your learning. You are right, most things seem children learn seem to take a long time only at the time itself, but are all of a sudden – In no time at all – very normal. We actually have no time to wonder about the wonders of child learning.