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Friday, June 25, 2010

Poor little dude had a tough night last night! We think his second tooth is coming through and that's why he's been all out of sorts, but maybe he's just sick? He couldn't breath well last night, kept snoring like a freaking bear and waking up crying for no reason. Normally when he does that, we pick him up and soothe him until he gets back to sleep, but last night was different and we could tell he was in real pain. Maybe his tooth was cutting through?

At any rate, here we were in this beautiful hotel room with a view of massive Redwoods and a very comfortable king size bed, while Mr. Miles was tucked in a corner of his not so comfortable pack n' play on the floor next to us. Crying. Sweetie! Of course we brought him to bed with us! And we slept off and on through the night as he kept waking up in pain. But at least mama and papa were right there to soothe him.

There have been several times during Miles' life (almost 10 months now) that he starts acting like a typical fussy baby: yelling, screaming and crying for no reason and at times can be inconsolable, especially at 1am. Like this morning at a restaurant where Miles would not sit still. He was banging the table with a spoon and yelling every time it fell on the floor. He wouldn't eat his food and cried when we tried to wipe his nose and the constant stream of saliva pouring out of his mouth.

I looked around and thought, "oh my goodness, my kid's becoming a pain in the ass! Are we going to be that family that nobody wants sitting next to them on a plane?"

You see, we've been spoiled by Miles' mild manner and winning personality. He's an easy baby, rarely cries or throws fits, especially in public where he's usually hypnotized by the sights and sounds around him. So whenever he starts acting this way, I freak out and think that our "honeymoon" baby has been replaced by a "monster" baby. But the reality is that something is going on with him. He's either sick or teething or growing or all of the above. After a couple of days or a week, he goes back to being the funny little angel that he is!

It's unfortunate that he's not feeling well since we're on vacation. Our nights can be pretty tough. But all that being said, Miles doesn't have it in him to be a "monster" baby, even feeling so sick. After a little nap, he still wakes up and smiles at me because life is beautiful and fun and he loves it all. And so do we.....weary eyed as we may be!

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  1. Could be teething- could also be a sore throat :(
    Hopefully that tooth comes on soon! Sometimes they move around under the gums for weeks or months before they come through.