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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Abue left. That's my mom...Miles' Abuela. She was visiting for the past two weeks and Miles loved hanging with her. The day she arrived he was a little weary. He didn't remember her even though they "Skype" all the time and he cried when she went in for a kiss. But within an hour, he was all smiles for Abue.

They bonded in the mornings, when she would wake up and play with him, give him his breakfast and put him down for his first nap. And I got to sleep a little longer. One morning I caught her rocking and singing to him in the glider. It was so sweet. At night she bathed him and changed him into his PJ's and took care of him so Zach and I could go out. And all she wanted to do was be with him. The two of them talked and sang songs and played and laughed. By the end of her stay he would reach his arms out to go to her. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside...it also made me sad that my mom isn't closer to me. She has been a mountain of love and support for us since Miles was born. And she has adored him since Day 1. Miles and I are very lucky to have such a giving Mama and Abue!!

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  1. So happy you had a little break and were able to sleep in and you and Zach were able to have some time out together...so important! Thank god for grandmas!!!