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Friday, August 13, 2010

Miles is bringing me so much joy these days! Even though he's been acting like a crazy baby, he's just so scrumptious. Why is he a crazy baby you may ask? Because he's been teething and that makes him go through a whole range of emotions in just minutes. He'll be laughing happily with me one minute and then he'll arch his back and yell and scream in anger. I didn't do anything! What are you yelling about? Then he'll drop it all and start drooling all over a ball as he tries to maneuver into his mouth, which is simply impossible since he's got a tiny little mouth!
It's actually pretty funny and though it's frustrating when I'm trying to change his diaper or give him a bath, mostly it makes me laugh.

These days he's also enjoying exploring the world he lives in. Now that he's mobile (ie. he scoots and crawls on his hands, still not using his feet much) the world has opened up. He sees us cooking in the kitchen and he will wiggle worm his way in there from the office. The washing machine is banging and it calls his attention, well, now he can wiggle his way into laundry and see how it works up close and personal. He is getting very interested in wheels and will wiggle his way to the stroller or the office chair or any other piece of furniture that has wheels.

And he's starting to really engage with me more. He just started handing me things. If he's playing with the spoon or a cup or a ball and I'm sitting in front of him, he'll hand it to me! Sure all kids do that sooner or later...but it just started happening to me, so I am delighted and surprised! The other day after one of his therapy sessions, I was sitting behind him and he actually turned all the way around and tried to crawl over to me with his arms out! He wanted me to hold him! Of course, he still can't quite go from sitting to prone position (on his tummy), so he ended up belly flopping instead, but it was so sweet! It was the first time that he actively tried to reach me like that. I felt so wanted and so loved and so happy to know that he gets it. He knows I'm his mama (or maybe he just knows I give him food), but regardless, it was a wonderful feeling. So I am on cloud nine and enjoying all the loveable, huggable, yumminess that is my Miles!

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