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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Desert Vacation

We're on a little family vacation. Just the three of us. A little road trip to the California desert, one of my favorite places. And we are all sick! Miles has a nasal infection and has been on antibiotics for the last 5 days, but he doesn't seem to be getting any better. So I talked to the pediatrician and she gave him a stronger dose. Poor guy, so little and on antibiotics. But he's been sick for too long now and if this will help, then I'll do it! Whatever it takes. Seeing my baby with circles under his eyes, blotchy face, snotty and drippy, unable to sleep or breathe well for over three weeks is terrible. And it's hell at night too!

Last night he was up almost every hour and a half crying uncontrollably. Zach and I also came down with some kind of cold, so we had taken nighttime medicine to try and sleep. Bad idea! We struggled taking turns, dragging ourselves out of bed to tend to little sick Miles. I had no patience and couldn't seem to calm Miles down, so finally Zach took over and let me get some rest. He's truly amazing in these moments when I just can't handle it anymore. He comes in and takes care of everything. He was able to calm Miles down enough to get a few hours of rest. This morning, we both looked like depressed zombies shuffling through this rented house, while Miles crawled around at high speed, yelling with excitement! How is it possible that he can be sick yet have so much energy? At one point after breakfast, we lied on the couch watching Miles play but unable to play with him from our lack of energy. We were waiting, looking for any sign that he might be tired and ready for his nap. I can see the humor in it now, but this morning I was not having it!

Yes, I am feeling much better tonight. Zach is too. And Miles, though still snotty and congested, was able to fall asleep with no fuss. Zach and I enjoyed a calm dinner, as opposed to last night's crying mess! One of us kept running into his room while the other made sure the food didn't burn and in the end it took us like 2 hours to finally eat. This is not the way I wanted our vacation to start, but I can at least say that we did make the best out of our day. After restful morning naps, we went out for a stroll, rented bikes, swam in the heated pool and read our books. Not too shabby! Miles summed it all up by clapping a lot this afternoon. He just figured out how to clap his hands a couple of days ago and spent most of the afternoon excitedly clapping away at everything we did.

It might be hard to have a calm and relaxing vacation with a baby, but it's not hard to have fun. So that's what we're doing; we're having fun despite the rough beginning. And Zach and I are still managing to find some quiet time for reading, writing and the hot tub. I count my blessings!

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  1. Hope you guys and Miles are feeling better. Love, Abue