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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Family Togetherness

This year we celebrated both Passover & Easter because we are both Jewish and Catholic. My husband grew up celebrating Passover and I grew up with Easter. Since we've been together we have celebrated Passover many times, but I hadn't celebrated Easter in forever. Now that we have a baby and lots of friends with babies, these things are just so much more fun. Today I was reminded of when I was kid and how we loved painting the Easter eggs with my mom and then she would hide them and we'd search all over the backyard for them. And my aunt would spend hours working on our very special Easter baskets with all kinds of sweets that we couldn't find in Panama City but which she could get in the Canal Zone. Our Easter baskets were right up there with Santa Claus, they were that awesome! I have great memories of that time. And of my childhood in general, which is why I've realized now, having a child, how important it is to build some of these traditions back into our lives.

My husband and I might not be religious people, but we are deeply spiritual and committed to our families. We love our cultures traditions and we want to impart some of that onto Miles. And we want our families to be a part of his memories as well. We have spent most of our adult lives living far away from our families, spread out in different countries, not just states! Therefore, we need to take advantage of the fact that some of us are in the same city right now because who knows how long that will last. We need to live in the present, right? And we all benefit from this time. So in our own non-religious but deeply spiritual way, we had a great week of celebration and family togetherness. It was exhausting and so much fun!

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