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Friday, August 12, 2011

Learning and Traveling Go Hand in Hand

What has Miles been up to lately? I'll tell ya....trouble! Nah, not really. But he is mischievous, strong willed and fighting for his independence. He's a toddler. And he'll be 2 in just three weeks! Time flies!

Is Miles walking yet? No, of course not. I would have already told you!!!! But he's getting closer and closer. He grabs my fingers when he wants me to walk him around the house. It's cute seeing where he wants to go. This afternoon he wanted to walk from the couch in the playroom to his chair in the living room. Then he handed me the remote control to turn on the TV. He knows too much already!
His physical therapist took him for a walk down the block and back this week. That's the longest walk he's taken! Oh and he has taken a couple of steps on his own in the past few weeks. He gets really excited, steps twice and then tumbles forward. It will happen soon, I can feel it.

He also picked up a new sign a couple of weeks ago while we were in Portland at our friend's wedding. The sign for "car". And it makes sense since his current interest is switching from balls to cars. So now when he sees cars, which is all the time in LA, he does the sign for car. Adorable! And when I asked him in Spanish to show me the sign for car, he did! It always blows my mind when he knows what I'm saying to him in Spanish. I mean, it shouldn't since I speak to him solely in Spanish, but still, everyone else around him speaks English and it's what he probably hears most. But he understands me and it gets me every time.

Speaking of the wedding in Portland, Miles was the last kid standing! He danced with us until 11 pm, loving the sounds, music and dancing! He was so tired after dinner and we tried for about 45 minutes to get him to sleep, but to no avail. Little man wanted to be part of the action. So we said, "Screw it! He's tired but he ain't cranky, so lets go dance!" And we had a great time.

But traveling with Miles is not as easy as it used to be. When he was 6 months old, we took him to Australia and he was amazing! Slept for 12 hours on the way there and ten on the way back. We've flown to NY twice, Panama, Philadelphia and San Francisco and each time it's been easy. He plays a little, eats his food, falls asleep. But now that he's a big a boy and wants to explore everything, he is a handful. It's only a two hour plane ride from LA to Portland and Mr. Miles was busy! He needed to talk and yell and move around and touch everything. He didn't want to sleep or eat or drink anything. He wanted to touch the head of the guy in front or bother the one behind us. He wanted to stand and say hi to everyone. It was cute really, except for the fact that you know half of the people around you don't like kids and the other half like them but want to be left alone. We came home extremely exhausted from our trip. But as difficult as it was, it will not keep us from traveling in the future. Every time we take Miles out of his routine he flourishes and comes back with new tricks. I think it's probably the best part of his "therapy".

Following are photos from the last few weeks. Enjoy!

Miles looking out the plane window on our way to Portland.

Miles taking a walk with Daddy.

Splashing around in a fountain.

Riding the train in Train Town!

Posing with Abue in Train Town!


  1. Can we just set up the arranged marriage now! ;) He is incredibly adorable!! I love him!

  2. Love this one, missing you guys! Can't believe our little guys are almost 2, time is flying by us. Yeah for Miles getting closer to walking, so exciting! Big hugs Julie xo