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Friday, October 14, 2011

Miles is a one lucky dude!  He's got six grandparents (my parents are divorced and remarried), who shower him with love and attention.  And he is soaking it up.   In fact, he's starting to be demand the attention quite a bit.  Uh-oh!  Three of the grandparents live in LA, near us.  One flies in at least once a month and the other two try to see him twice a year.  The grandparents play with him, cuddle him, give him ice cream and don't make him nap if he doesn't want to.  He loves it. 

Right now the Panamanian grandparents are visiting and have been with us for a week.  Miles is over the moon.  It's like my typically calm child gets an extra set of batteries and he's the energizer bunny.  He loves playing with my dad and hates eating or napping.  He's on high energy the whole time.  It's awesome to see him so excited, but winding him down is a problem.  He gets so defiant with me.  He'll throw his food in my face, yell when we're not playing with him, whine about anything, and kick me when I pull him away for a bath or nappy change.  It's frustrating and my patience has been tested severely! I just keep telling myself, "This too shall pass". 

I know Miles will be sad when my dad and stepmom leave.  And I will be too.  Although it's difficult to have our routine disrupted, it's worth it to have Miles bond with his grandparents.  Each one of them loves him dearly and they each share their own special bond with him.  It's beautiful and I feel so lucky that they are all able to be a part of his life, share in his growth and development and give us the support that we all need as a family.  Miles is not the only lucky one....

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